About Us

V-Bahn is a company specializing in providing innovative products for railway infrastructure and is a key provider of high-quality components to ensure the safe and efficient operation of railway transportation in Central and Eastern Europe. The company actively and successfully collaborates with leading companies in the railway market such as Schwihag, Ukrainian Railway and GSI Group to provide cutting-edge technologies and solutions for optimizing railway transportation.

V-Bahn focuses on supplying a wide range of products, including fastenings, rails, sleepers, concrete structures, and other components that meet the highest European quality standards. Their experience and expertise in the industry enable them to deliver innovative solutions that contribute to efficient and safe train operations.

The company's mission is to provide advanced technologies and services that contribute to the modernization and development of railway infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe, ensuring safety, efficiency, and stability in all aspects of railway operation.

Some Facts:

Success Story

Delivering successful projects for the modernization and development of railway infrastructure throughout Ukraine.

Flexibility and Individual Approach

Our company offers flexible solutions tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each railway infrastructure project.

Innovative Technologies

We consistently implement cutting-edge technologies in all aspects of our production to ensure the highest efficiency and safety of our railway transport solutions.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

V-Bahn strives for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions, reducing environmental impact and contributing to the sustainable development of railway infrastructure.

Strategic Partnerships

Our partnerships with recognized companies in the railway industry enable us to continuously improve the quality of our products and services and meet the highest standards.

Global Impact

Our projects not only contribute to the development of railway transport in Central and Eastern Europe but also have a positive impact on the global railway infrastructure market.


Our team

The V-Bahn team consists of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the field of railway infrastructure. Our specialists possess deep knowledge and expertise in the industry, enabling us to execute even the most complex projects with high efficiency and precision.

We believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration, always working together as a cohesive unit to ensure high quality and excellent results for our clients. Each member of our team holds a significant role, and we strive for continuous development and improvement in the quality of our work.

Our team is always open to collaboration and new ideas, and we are constantly looking to welcome talented and motivated individuals to join us in our shared goal of improving railway infrastructure and providing quality services for our clients.